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Shared dependency

The plugin itself can have its own independent dependencies, but in the face of the same dependency as the base project, do I need to re-package the plug-in?

Of course not! mini-star chooses to share dependencies. Although there may be hidden dangers of forced upgrade of plug-in dependencies due to the dependency upgrade of the base project, compared with the benefits of code size reduction brought by its sharing, mini-star thinks it is worthwhile

Shared node_module dependency

import { initMiniStar, regDependency, regSharedModule } from 'mini-star';

regDependency('react', () => import('react'));

Shared base project module

() => import('./common')

Note: The dependency of the base project needs to start with @capital/, capital is the name of the base project by mini-star.

You should also obey this rule when using it

// in plugin
import * as common from '@capital/common'